Singer, Songwriter

Zakious is a talented reggae singer with a consummate sense of grace and style.  His unique way of singing reflects his rich culture which is evident through his originality, poise and elegance.  Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Anthony Cooper, commonly referred to as “Mr. Cooper” got his first break in the music scene in 1988 when he performed at Jamaica’s prestigious talent contest, (Tastee Talent) and was awarded “The Most Talented Performer.”

All I have is Love” and his original song, “My God is Real” which was released worldwide on November 13th, 2015, is going on high rotation at several radio stations across the world. Mr. Cooper’s follow-up single release, entitled “My God is Real” is a great example of new material that keeps him in the growing world of reggae music.

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Zakious had a hard time breaking through the Canadian market where music genre like reggae lags behind other music genres like hip hop, country and rock. He also had a hard time getting into the Caribbean market. His major challenge was in numbers; YouTube and Spotify. He wanted to increase his audience and the number of people who consumed his music. This included increasing subscriptions in his channels and various account.

As a company that has helped bring up many artists into the light who are not well known, Zakious could not be a challenge to Eminent Media Inc. as we as a media company would use various processes to help bring him and his music to light. Below were some of the approaches we used to bring Zakious to light.


A good logo is distinctive, appropriate, graphic and it simply conveys the owner’s intended message. We therefore had to come up with something that simply covered all the above in relation to Zakious. We created a simple logo that would simply attract more fans to Zakious, would be used on DVD’s, T-shirts that his fans bought during his concerts, it simply brought Zakious and his fans loser as well as gave his fans that chance of showing the huge love they had for him and his music.


We were responsible for the creation of Zakious’ website where his fans could get more information about him and his music. Zakious’ website contains his bio, his history about his music world, his latest music, everything a music fan would definitely want to find out about that artist that they have so close at heart for the love of his music. And definately be able to stream his music from the website,

Other online platforms that we took care of for Zakious were audio and video streaming platforms where his fans could get to easily access to his music from all over the world. These platforms included; Amazon Music, Apple Music and Spotify. As a result of this, Zakious’ followers increased and his market became a wide one.



We were responsible of creating a YouTube page for Zakious where he could get more followers in the current times and have his music known by more of his fans.


Twitter being one of the greatest social media that attracts followers, 3PENT  & Eminent Media Inc took it upon themselves to see the management of Zakious Cooper’s Twitter account that saw him attract more followers.


We helped connect Zakious to Reverb Nation, a platform that has for over 10 years been rewarding musicians in all genres of music. Reverb Nation has an audience of over 3 million people including artists, fans, and venues. They reach out to over 190 countries worldwide as well, giving you an opportunity to maximize your reach.  Reverb Nation has launched many programs in the past ten years including Band Equity, Gig Finder, Crowd Review and more opportunities to help an artist expand, and Zakious could not be left behind.